Chat GPT Cheat Sheet for Architects and Designers

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By now, you’re likely aware of the AI revolution sweeping the industry. One of the most popular AI apps is OpenAI’s Chat GPT — but how can this text-based tool help architects and designers?

The sheet below, created by Architizer’s own Paul Keskeys, provides some helpful starting points for exploration. It includes a standardized prompt formula for architects, examples of how the formula can be used for real-world applications, and additional tips for getting the most out of Chat GPT. There is also a list of AI tools worth testing for different stages of the architectural design process.

Without further ado, check out the sheet below…

Here are three quick tips to make the most out of this sheet:

1. The prompt examples shown here are just that — examples.

The key with Chat GPT is to keep iterating. Try assigning the tool different roles, instructions and details. The more you experiment, the better!

2. Chat GPT is great for creating templates, examples and approximations.

What Chat GPT provides will rarely be the finished product, so use it as a starting point and then refine the output with good, old-fashioned human intelligence.

3. Try combining Chat GPT with other AI tools to create even more efficiencies.

Chat GPT is amazingly good at producing architectural prompts for Midjourney, for example! Check out some examples here.

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